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by howtosmoke on 2009/11/29

This is blog of Yuu.Chen . a place sharing the travel story and pics.

many thanks to tintin(www.ttrekk.com) who hosted my blog.

Yuu.Chen in a home stay in dansin of nepal.this is the room of binita.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. ZhangHonghua says:

    See your photos, I searched for a long time in memory, but still do not think you are a young man looks like. I think you do not remember me, right?

  2. howtosmoke says:

    nice to see you here my dear friend,yes,i also saved an image of you in my memories ,back to 90′s we were at our flower times but with a little bit bitterness.life then was full of bewildment and i was eager to discover the world outside …

    you are welcome,as always.

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